Saturday, January 13, 2018

New Year's adventure

Some people party on New Year's Eve. I choose to sleep and then do my partying in the morning :)

Eryn and I met at 7am on New Year's Day to start the year with a sunrise run. I didn't get to bed as early as I would have liked (darn caffeine!), but the promise of pancakes after our run got me up!

We met on Hall Boulevard, about halfway between our houses, and ran west through Summerfield. Then we dropped down into the park and ran along the river. It was early and peaceful and wonderful.
I take a photo of these trees every time I go through:
The sun was finally approaching the horizon:
It was a long-pants morning:
We parted after about 6 miles. I think Eryn went home for a nap. I ran home to change for my next adventure.
Brad and I had a 10 am spin date with Connie and Marc. Cyclebar Tigard opened in December, offering a few weeks of free classes to attract customers. We took full advantage, participating in a bunch of sweaty group classes.

We're wearing party hats:
HA! :)

Cyclebar is an awesome place! We really enjoyed the classes and definitely would have signed up for a membership if we didn't already have so many other activities - including memberships at Fierce Fitness Kickboxing. I highly recommend Cyclebar!

After spin, it was time for 50 burpees! A friend challenged us on Facebook to 50 burpees every day in January. Day 1, done!
With workouts and showers done, it was finally time for those Elmer's pancakes!
So yummy!

Now that is my kind of New Year's celebration :)

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