Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Workout buddy

Wondering why I miss my dad so? It wasn't just family vacations and occasional get-togethers. Dad was my buddy, smiling all the way (well, most of the way!) as he allowed me to drag him around the neighborhood and around the Northwest on adventures. 

He humored me my whole life, making me feel so loved and special.

Post-workout selfie: 
During-workout selfie:

Early-morning runs:

Cheering us on at the Hippie Chick women's race:
Sunday Parkways:

I'm kinda shocked at all the times he went with me on these morning runs.
Hiking for my birthday:

He loved exploring:

Post-hike fish tacos:
Post-race pizza:
Mom joined us:
Balloon Fest run:
Rainy run:
He also didn't mind biking alongside me during my marathon-training long runs:

Oh, boy. He was a good man.

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