Saturday, March 1, 2014

Beautiful biking day

Dad and I celebrated Friday's warm weather with a bike ride to Target.

I rode home after work, changed into shorts(!), hooked up my trusty trailer and went to pick up Dad. Then we peddled our way down Hall Boulevard to Target.
We were on a mission to buy workout clothes for Girls on the Run, an amazing organization that helps girls be awesome and feel good about themselves. The culmination of the program is running the 5K Starlight Run. I was a running buddy a couple years ago and believe strongly in this group!

Aunt Kari said they needed clothes for girls who couldn't afford them, so we scoured the sales racks and got a bunch of outfits. And some exercise and Vitamin D in the process.

It was a beautiful day, warm in the sun, but a wicked east wind that made riding a bit challenging. Also - can we please get the gravel cleaned up from the bike lanes?? That was a little unpleasant.

Still, a wonderful excuse to get out! Thanks for going with me, Dad :)

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