Friday, April 17, 2015

Adventure Thursday: Tryon, a walk and some biking

Just two weeks post-surgery, Dad and I were back at Tryon for Adventure Thursday!

This time, we stuck to the ADA trail and a smooth, wide, gentle-sloping trail near the parking lot. No jarring downhills for quite a while. The map calls it an "all-abilities trail" - I like that ;)
Mom got to come, too.
I got out a bunch in Thursday's summer-preview weather. I rode my bike work, then took a walk in Cook Park on my lunch break:
New Chacos!
In the evening, Brad and I dusted off our road bikes in preparation for upcoming rides. We pumped up the tires, checked our batteries and planned to just tool around the neighborhood. It was a gorgeous sunset, and we decided to just keep going.
Ended up going about 11.5 miles. It was fun to go fast with my sports car road bike :)

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