Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bay Leaf Cottages

Everything in these small, coastal towns was inns and cottages. No Motel 6 to be found!

We stayed a few minutes north of Camden at the Bay Leaf Cottages in Lincolnville Beach.
Each cottage was configured and decorated differently. Ours was Cottage 11, with a green-and-yellow theme. It was old and tiny and super cute - perfect for our Maine adventure!
Unfortunately, it also had one of the most uncomfortable beds I've ever tried to sleep on. I hope they upgrade those mattresses ASAP.

The breakfast was wonderful! They had a ton of options, including oats, cereal, breads, fruits, yogurt, hummus, eggs, cheese, grits and noodle bowls. Lots of vegetarian protein, which is sometimes hard to come by. We definitely filled up both mornings with yummy food.

The Bay Leaf Cottages was a great choice, except for the beds. I'd return, but only if they replace those mattresses, per our suggestion when we checked out.


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