Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Camden, Maine

After two days in Georgetown, we drove north to Camden.

If we were flying across the country, we wanted to explore a little beyond the wedding and see what else Maine had to offer. Sarah made several suggestions, including Camden, the town where her grandparents lived.

We first drove to Lincolnville Beach, just north of Camden, for some lunch at The Lobster Pound. Coming from the Northwest, where we have a huge Hispanic population - and therefore lots of spicy food - we thought it was funny to see what passed for nachos and fish tacos at this restaurant. They were good, but certainly not spicy. Very white :)
We checked in to our cottage at Bay Leaf Cottages, and, armed with a tourist map and extensive recommendations from the innkeeper, we headed out to explore.

Camden is on a beautiful harbor. We just kept talking about how "quintessential" everything was! It was like a postcard everywhere we turned!
Tall ships:
White ducks wearing sweet hats:
Waterfall into the harbor:
Gnarly tree across at the beautiful town library:
We ended up at the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse at sunset. It's about a mile out, and we decided to try to get out there and back before dark.
Monday, we set out to explore Camden Hills State Park. Brad scouted the maps and picked a trail to take us to the top of Mt. Megunticook, the highest (or second-highest... I've seen different things) point on the eastern seaboard.
The trail was much like the mountain-bike trail in Bath: rugged, rooty, rocky and covered with leaves. Oh, and they apparently don't do switchbacks in the east. Everything went straight up! That trail was tough, especially with legs tired from tire trail running the previous two days.

We reached the 1,385-foot summit and discovered this huge cairn:
This is the top? No view at all. Kinda anticlimactic.
We saw a sign for Ocean Lookout about a half-mile away and decided to check it out. SO glad we did. THERE were the views we wanted:
In the center is Camden Harbor, where we explored the night before:
We brought lunch and ate while taking in the awesome view:
Oh, and another cookie from the reception:
Tired from lots of activity and lots of jet lag, we got cleaned up, napped and went back to the harbor for dinner outside, overlooking the water:
So glad we spent a little time exploring this beautiful area!


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