Saturday, August 15, 2015

Mom saves the day!

When Sarah and Joel got married in Maine, I bought two dresses for the occasion. When Jill and Maroof announced their NYC wedding soon after, I thought it would be perfect to wear those summer dresses again.
I also threw in the cheapo strappy shoes I originally bought years and years and years ago to wear to formal night on a family-reunion cruise. They looked good with the black-and-white dress, and they'd worked perfectly for the Maine wedding (the one where I didn't have to walk anywhere).

Getting to Jill and Maroof's wedding was not as simple as walking from the car to the tent. There was lots and lots of walking, and I soon realized my shoe choice was not appropriate. Then, I suddenly felt a looseness on my left foot. OH, CRAP. We were on our way to the courthouse and I realized my shoes was literally falling apart.

We were in a big group, trying to make our way through the city. Things were a bit tense, with pre-wedding jitters and all, and I didn't want to make myself the focus. So I let the group move ahead of me, and I hobbled along in the back, wracking my brain to find a solution.

Dad was toward the back of the pack, and I whispered what had happened. I told him that if he spotted a vendor selling any sort of shoe (preferably a flip-flop) in a size 8-9, buy it! Would I have to walk around NYC barefoot?? On the subway?? I can do that. BUT... they might not let me in the courthouse without shoes. I can't miss the wedding!!!

I wasn't panicking, just working it through in my head.

After the wedding ceremony, Mom and Dad planned to change clothes and hit up the Big Bus tour. "Mom, do you have a change of shoes in that backpack? Can I have them??"

Really quickly, we swapped shoes right on the sidewalk. I've never been so happy to have on a pair of shoes that didn't fit!
Fortunately, her spare pair was sandals, not her white sneakers. That wouldn't have looked so good with her dress. Still, I know my mom would have swapped anyway - 'cuz that's what moms do.
I was so relieved! We went about the wedding festivities as if nothing happened.

I later texted to tell Mom and Dad to toss my broken shoes - but not until they took some pictures. Here's what they sent me:
Goodbye, shoes!

It's good to know that Mom's always got my back - THANKS, MOM! :)

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  1. Fun story! Loved seeing the wedding pics too. Practical shoes win the day!