Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Weekly Wednesday: Mariners

Even though we just got home from a three-park East-Coast trip, Mom wanted to ride the train to Seattle for more baseball! I hesitated at first, but you only live once, right?!

Felix was part of the draw for this one but he blew it big time, giving up four runs (including two homers) in the first inning. Mariners ended up getting stomped.

But all things were not bad. We were surrounded by fans who don't equate baseball with drunken, obscenity-filled rowdiness. The people around me can really make or break my MLB experience.

And I got a veggie dog!!
And a Shiskaberry to share: (I just Googled that and discovered Shiskaberry is a strain of weed! Hmmmm)
The weather was perfect.
The game was a blowout, but since we got a couple guys on base toward the end, we had to pull out our rally caps. It didn't work.
Our monkeys travel in style - and we always get lots of comments from passersby:
Rainier was out in all her glory. The view from the train was amazing, and we could see her just a little from the stadium concourse:

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