Friday, August 14, 2015

NYC reception

A small group of us joined Jill and Maroof for their Friday wedding and photo fun. Then Saturday, the masses arrived for the reception at Cibo in Manhattan.

I didn't get a ton of reception pics because I was helping with setup and such, and because Brad and others were snapping lots. Hopefully we can upload Brad's photos soon.
About 80 people helped them celebrate, including guests from around the country and the world!
During the meal, the newlyweds Facetimed with Maroof's parents in Bangladesh:
A photo for Mom and Dad:
The brunch menu was extensive, and Brad and I chose to split French toast and omelette: 
The food was very good!

This informal event didn't include toasts and speeches, but Steve did get up to thank us for coming and to explain the dessert options:
Doughnuts and cupcakes from their favorite bakeries:
Jill and one of her besties, Allison:
The restaurant was excellent! The staff was extremely attentive and helpful as we rearranged the room and added all our own decorations. Jill did a wonderful job organizing the entire thing, with everything planned down to the smallest detail. Again, hopefully I can get Brad's pics here soon so you can see all the flowers and everything.

After the reception, Jill and Maroof went for more pictures with their photographer.

Sunday, they opened their home to anyone left in town to stop by for chatting and eating. They ordered in Bangladesh food - YUMMY!! We had such a good time hanging out and getting to know our new cousins (there were LOTS of cousins!)

Finally, it was time for us to leave. One last picture of the happy couple:
Congrats, Jill and Maroof! Thanks for allowing us to invade your non-wedding :) Best wishes for a long, happy marriage!

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  1. Forwarded the link of blog to rest of my cousins. Loved reading your posts.