Friday, May 27, 2016

Adventure Thursday: DOUBLE winner!

Adventure Thursday was the monthly Discovery Run at Road Runner Sports. Dad, Brad and I ran around Tualatin, collecting raffle tickets, hoping for prizes.

This month's route was really short. There's usually a couple spots to the east near Brown's Ferry and a couple spots way to the north by Bridgeport Village. This time Brad and I ran extra just to hit the 3-mile mark! (Usually we get at least 4 miles)

Running done, tickets ready, waiting for the raffle:
I won a three-pack of Drymax socks!! WOOHOO!

AND THEN... I won a pair of Adidas shoes! Worth $160!!!!! 
That's the third pair of shoes Brad and I have won at these things :) 
Dad quote of the night: "This SUCKS!" after his 0-fer streak continued :)
Someday, Dad's number will come up! At least he still gets the free root beer float and workout :)

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