Sunday, May 22, 2016

Adventure Thursday: Tualatin walk

Dad and I walked to Tualatin for Adventure Thursday:
The day's forecast called for showers, but none had materialized by the time Dad left home to meet me for my lunch break. He was about halfway to THS (on foot) when the skies opened up and the rain arrived. Dad arrived in my classroom a bit damp :)

I wrapped up some very important duties (we graduated FOUR CE2 students Thursday!), and we left for the park. We bundled up in rain gear, but it didn't rain again while we were out.

We walked across the bridge to Tualatin (you can barely see the river in the upper, right corner ^^^) and then returned to the school so I could finish my work day and Dad could get back to his chores at home.

This next week is the monthly Discovery Run, so I guess our adventure is already picked for us :)

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