Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Birthday, antlers and a showery run

Lots of busy-ness in the past few days!

Thursday was Mom's birthday... the big 5-8! She requested Chinese food from Yen's and then game night and chocolate eclairs. Unfortunately, Eryn has pneumonia (!) and wasn't up for a party. So instead, we stuffed ourselves on marginal Chinese food and then watched Big Hero 6 at Bridgeport (minus Eryn):
I had heard good things... and we weren't disappointed! It was a great movie with a good message. I'd definitely recommend it!

Then we had fun in the lobby:
We all decided we needed one :)

Friday, I saw this car and it made me so very happy!
I can't wait to put on my reindeer nose and antlers on Friday :)

Friday night, we attended one of the most nerve-racking football games ever. Tigard was taking on Jesuit at home in the quarter finals. We played well at the start then kinda lost it. But at the end, we came back and tied it up. In THREE overtimes, we WON! It was so exciting!

This week, we play West Salem in the semis at Hillsboro Stadium. GO TIGERS!!

Saturday, I went for a run with longer intervals than I've been doing the past couple weeks. My PT wanted me to back off, but I've been doing pretty good, so she told me to push it a bit.

I did four 5-minute run intervals and then two 10-minute runs. It felt really good to be out in the sun, then the rain, then the sun again.
It was a gorgeous day for a run!

My heel felt fine until about mile 4.2 - but not too bad. I'm anxious to report back to her at tomorrow's appointment and see what she says I can do next.

 I ended up with 5.51 miles in all at an overall 10:24 average. That includes about 16 minutes of walking - so I'm happy with that pace.

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