Friday, November 7, 2014

Quick run before Christmas fun

My favorite workout partner, Say Yes to the Dress, has been taken off Netflix! Fortunately, there are so many other great shows to keep me company on the treadmill.
I did 4.25 miles right after work yesterday while watching Law and Order: SVU:
I'm still using my run/walk program. This was 5-minute run intervals.

My foot was feeling better but isn't doing so hot again. I'm so frustrated. I had PT twice this week and will go back more next week. While the stretches have loosened up the joint and calf like she wanted, I'm still having pain. Moving on to some eccentric work, now. Fingers crossed.

After my workout and super-quick shower, my fam headed to the annual Al's Garden Center holiday preview.
After sampling fruit and sauce, I filled my arms with ice apples and couldn't take any more pictures of the holiday decorations and such. Al's puts on wonderful displays to get you in the mood - and to get you buying!

I sampled some other goodies and went home with apples, fudge, toffee and cinnamon cashews. YUM!!

Then we met up with Brad for dinner at Rose's in Sherwood. Brad's burger was the largest I've ever seen. He almost didn't finish it!

It's fun to get a little glimpse of Christmas. But I don't want to skip ahead - I love fall and want to revel in its glory while I can :)

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