Saturday, November 15, 2014

Ice Day 2014

Thursday's apocalyptic weather didn't materialize as expected, but roads were slick enough and the predictions scary enough for most area schools to close for the day. 

I will never complain about an extra day off work. After working in TV news for nine years and having to work nearly 'round the clock on bad-weather days (and election days, and national tragedy days...), any extra time off is welcome and enjoyed to the fullest.

I know lots of parents whined about school being canceled "for no reason." Get over it. School's canceled during snowy/icy weather is for student safety. If we'd had class and things had gotten crazy as expected, people would have been screaming then, too.

As a wise woman said Thursday, "Some folks are annoyed that schools are late or closing when 'nothing's happening at my house!' Perhaps it's not about you..."


I digress... 

The roads might have been just a touch too warm to ice over where I live in Tigard, but everything else was plenty cold, and the freezing rain piled up!
Throughout the day, I watched all outside surfaces collect an ever-thickening layer of ice. 
My poor plants were so heavy and droopy by the end of the storm.

I finished one book and started another, all while wrapped in a blanket, cuddling with Gizmo in front of the fire.

I also dragged my butt off the couch for a short run on the treadmill - 5 miles while watching Law and Order: SVU.
Sally's Baking Addiction's recipe of the day was homemade chicken pot pie. I happened to have some leftover chicken in the fridge from something Brad made Wednesday, and I had time to cook a more complex meal, so I figured it was fate -- Brad would eat one of his favorites for dinner!
I used my own super-simple crust recipe and tossed in a bunch of extra veggies I had on hand. Brad said it was very good! I guess it's a keeper :)

What a happy, unexpected extra day off :)

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