Sunday, November 16, 2014


It was SO cold Friday night, but my Tigers were playing in the playoffs, so instead of staying warm and cozy inside, I put on all my clothes and went outside!
I had my thickest poly-pro tights, my quilted "ranger" pants, tall socks and boots (with Little Hotties inside) on the bottom. On top, two poly-pro tops, a heavy-weight quarter zip, a fleece vest, my puffy jacket and my THS Football jacket - and a hat, scarf, three pair of gloves and Little Hotties.

AND... I was sitting inside my very warmest winter camping sleeping bag. Cozy!
Dad apparently didn't look at the forecast and was woefully under dressed. When I left during the third quarter (because we were totally blowing out Sunset!), I left my sleeping bag with Dad.
Tigard is on a roll! We're four years undefeated in league play, and so far, we're still kicking butt in the playoffs.

Next up is Jesuit in the quarterfinals this Friday at THS. GO TIGERS!!!

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