Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lunch walk

I've started a new practice this year at work. Instead of just sitting during my lunch break, I try to get out and get some fresh air at least once a week.

It's not for exercise - no sweating involved in these ones. It's to clear my head and move my body.

I went for a walk yesterday in nearby Cook Park. There was a huge pile of leaves in the parking lot:
The lower park is closed to cars for the winter (since the river often floods into the parking lot), so the place was totally deserted... and gorgeous!
Except for some geese:
Since it's been mostly cold and dry so far this season, the often-flooded lower trail was dry... and gorgeous!
I listened to an NFC podcast and thoroughly enjoyed the brisk air and sunshine.
I saw just one jogger on my entire park adventure. So peaceful.

Then I had to stop to take a picture of this beauty back at the school. The sweetgum trees are amazing right now... gorgeous!
I'm so glad I decided to do these walks, and I hope to keep going throughout the winter months. You know what they say: "There's no such thing as bad weather... just bad clothes" ;)

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