Thursday, May 19, 2016

REI Trail Run Series: Silver Falls 10K (5/15/16)

REI held a trail run series this year. The first was last month at Champoeg State Park, and the second (and last) was this weekend at Silver Falls State Park. Is it a series if there are only two??

We couldn't make the first, but since our calendar was open on May 14, and registration was only $15, we couldn't resist!

Dad came, too!
While last Friday neared 90 degrees, Saturday was cool and drizzly - so much better! In fact, it was just about perfect for me.

It was supposed to be a 5K loop, so us 10Kers just did it twice.

I knew I was in trouble when I realized we were going down, down, DOWN. That meant we'd have to go back up at some point. After going behind (!) Lower South Falls, we started chugging up some stone stairs. And they just kept going! A woman in front of me said she counted: 150.

After the never-ending stairs, the trail leveled off along the creek. It was gorgeous!

Then we came to South Falls, ran across a little bridge, and headed up a very steep dirt trail. At the top, it was a short distance to the start/finish line. Then I did it all over again!

The stairs  - Round Two:
Of course, Brad finished first. Not far behind was Dad finishing his 5K. Then me... in just under an hour.
BUT... the course was no where near a 10K. I had it a mile short - and Brad had it over a mile short. Dad's 5K was about a half-mile short. What the heck?! Good thing it was just for fun :)

We stuck around for all the food we could eat, goodie bags and a raffle (no winners in this group).
We had a good time! It was a very casual, fun race on new-to-us trails. A perfect way to spend a Saturday morning :)

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