Thursday, July 7, 2016

Molalla Freedom 5K (7/4/16)

Last year's Run Molalla Series was so fun that we signed up again for 2016! The three-race series includes the Freedom 5K, which leads the Molalla 4th of July "Giant Street Parade".

Thank goodness it was cooler than last year's nearly 100 degrees!
Brad's awesome eagle socks: 
Sisters in tutus! 
We took off about 9:20 a.m. after the presenting of the colors and the National Anthem by a Molalla local. 

I never intended to run fast, but that's how it goes some days. My first mile was 8:14, followed by an 8:07! The last mile is a steady, gradual uphill, and I slowed a bit to 8:44. After the gravel and grass (through a tunnel of American Flags!!), I kicked for all I had and finished the last .09 at 7:19.

My TomTom had me at 25:51, an 8:21 average. But my official time was 25:45 - an 8:18 average. My PR... 8:17!!!!!!!!! So frigging close. Like, 3 seconds close. Dangit.

Brad and I finished first from our group and then grabbed pics as they came in. This lady rocked my 4th of July world! 
Eryn on the home stretch: 
Happy family :)
Happy friends :) 
Happy Woods :) 
Lynn graduated from Molalla High School in '84! 
Such a great race! I think we'll be back :)

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