Thursday, July 14, 2016

Portland Trail Series No. 1 (7/6/16)

I really enjoy running on trails! But because I'm a women, the unfair world we live in prohibits me from going alone. (Well, I could, but I just don't think that's a good idea for me)

When I saw the Portland Trail Series of five mid-week races for just $75 total, I jumped at the chance to do some trail running by myself! (along with 100 other people!)

The summer series is every Wednesday in July in Forest Park. It's all very low-key. You show up a bit early, grab your bib, run when they ring the bell, cross the finish line, grab some water, turn in your bib for next week and go home.
They announce the course the Monday before the race. The first was listed at 4.9 miles: 
Yep - that's what it looked like:
The entire first 1.5 miles was uphill. Oh, my calves! Then some downhill before more uphill. But the downhill finish felt great!
My TomTom read a bit short at 4.69 miles. I finished in 49.44 - a 10:35 average. Considering the hiking uphill, I'll take it!

There was a little bib-number raffle, and I won a huge thing of Trail Butter! I love that stuff :)
It felt a bit awkward to be by myself at a race. I should go make friends :)
Looking forward to No. 2 :)

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