Friday, July 15, 2016

Sisters run around a lake

What happens when you're marathon training but also camping? You run around a lake!

Eryn's calendar called for 11 miles last Saturday. The trail around Timothy Lake is about 11 miles. Perfect!
Because the weather was coolish, we didn't have to get up crazy-early to hit the dirt. We ran 9 minutes and walked 1 minute over and over until reaching the end (or is that the beginning?). It ended up being 11.66 miles in 2:56.
There was a 50-mile ultramarathon going on at the same time, and we had fun cheering for the leading racers on the PCT. Later in the day, we saw our camping neighbor come limping back to his site and realized he'd been racing! I'm in awe!

If you have to run 11 miles, you might as well run somewhere beautiful! :)

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