Friday, October 7, 2016

Adventure Thursday: Cooper Mountain Nature Park

This summer, Dad and I had the idea to explore all the Metro parks. We started with Mount Talbert but never did any more... until this week! 

We went yesterday to Cooper Mountain Nature Park in Beaverton.
I'd been there just once before, several years ago with Brad, and it was Dad's first visit. He enjoyed the kiddie section near the parking lot:
We explored the area, hiking almost 3 miles through several different landscapes. They recently did a controlled burn in the meadow, so much of the area was scorched. I'm interested in returning next year to see how nature repairs itself after the fire. As for wildlife, we spotted a few birds and a snake!

The weather was perfect for hiking - coolish and a bit drippy with high overcast - my favorite :)
Such a fun, beautiful Adventure Thursday close to home!

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