Thursday, March 2, 2017

Best day? Worst day?

Yesterday was one of my proudest as an educator. And also one of my worst.

I posted these signs in our bathroom. I am so very honored to support my students during this incredibly difficult time. As a very white person with deep roots in the United States, I can only imagine what they are going through. I will fight for them with all my power.
But as I was posting "Know Your Rights" on the wall where I usually hang silly facts about the current holiday - you know, like how much people spend on candy for Halloween and the origin of Christmas trees and whether corn was actually served at Thanksgiving - I was really sad. I should be sharing fun facts about shamrocks and green rivers this March. Instead, I am sharing life-and-death information. Because they may need it. My students are in danger, and that hurts my heart.

I was also wearing my multilingual "I'm glad you're my neighbor" shirt, and one student noticed and told me he liked it. Small things make a difference, and I will continue to do things - big and small - to protect the vulnerable.

#resist #knowyourrights

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