Friday, March 3, 2017

Tigard snow!

This has been such a strange winter. I read that Chicago was snow-free in January and February for the first time in almost 150 years! Meantime, it's been snowing like crazy in Portland and Seattle! We might see more next week.

Dec. 14 was crazy in P-town! Snow hit mid-day, and area roads completely jammed as schools and businesses sent everyone home early. Early release ended up being very, very late release for some who were stuck at school until bedtime because buses were stuck in traffic. It was near gridlock in many areas.

I simply rode my bike home when we were told to leave. Snowflakes in the eyes were harsh, but flakes on the ground were no problem.
I love my Sherm :)
Brad also left early, but his 8-mile commute from Wilsonville was a nightmare. After nearly 2 hours, he ditched the car in Tualatin Park and walked the 2 miles home through Cook Park.

Later, when traffic subsided, we ran together to retrieve the car. It was absolutely beautiful.
Such a rare treat... usually. This year, it sorta became common!

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