Thursday, March 16, 2017

Old Maid Flats (12/28/16)

Early-season snow had Brad and me up to Hood several times. We went up the Wednesday after Christmas in hopes of finding more amazing snow for cross-country skiing. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be.

We were eastbound on Highway 26 when traffic on the other side of Zigzag came to a screeching halt. We had no idea why or how long the jam lasted, but it looked like a serious mess. We spent some time exploring (almost getting stuck!) some side roads that didn't actually go anywhere before deciding to scrap it and head back to Old Maid Flats, which we'd already visited twice this season.

It was beautiful, but the snow was crap for XC skiing.
We ended up trudging through the woods a bit, trying to make it a bit more exciting, then we gave up and found a place for lunch.
Then we headed home with the realization that you can't win them all :)

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