Friday, November 17, 2017

Exploring San Francisco on foot

Another blogger recently wrote about her lack of posts. She said new job responsibilities meant that she had less time for adventures. I have plenty of time for adventures, but no time to write about them!!

So please excuse this look back at our holiday weekend in San Francisco :)

On Labor Day weekend, my mom, dad, Eryn, and I flew to California for a short getaway. It was hot at home, but the Bay Area is always nice and cool... except when it's the hottest day EVER - 106 degrees!

We didn't have a car, so it was travel by foot or public transportation. Eryn and I had a blast exploring the town!

Our hotel was near the bay, so our morning run took us along the water on the San Francisco Bay Trail along Oyster Point:
Mom, Eryn, and I rode the bus to the beach and found it packed with people. This isn't what Oregon beaches look like:
Mom didn't have sandals, so she watched from a distance while we stuck our feet in the ocean:
After our beach trip, we walked about two-thirds of Golden Gate Park. If it wasn't so dang hot, we might have walked the whole thing!

Then it was time for a Giants game!
We had much lower seats on the third-base line, but they were in the sun. We could only handle that heat for so long before we moved to some empty seats in the shade. It was SOOOO hot!
Before we left for the airport, Eryn and I explored more of the San Francisco Bay Trail, this time walking south from our hotel to the airport. It was very smokey and very cloudy, obscuring the view over the bay. But it was still a wonderful walk!
Then we walked back toward the hotel and found a hole-in-the-wall pizza place in South San Francisco:
We shared an excellent veggie pizza! If you're in South San Francisco, go to Pronto!

We had a wonderful time exploring and just doing what felt right at the time. Eryn's a great travel partner - can't wait to do it again sometime :)

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