Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Silver Falls (11/11/17)

I had the pleasure last weekend of exploring some major Oregon beauty with my friends and their boys!

Eryn and I were supposed to camp Veterans Day weekend at Silver Falls State Park. But the forecast called for major overnight rain, so we turned it into a day trip. Saturday day called for dry-ish weather, so we asked Connie and Marc to join us for some hiking.

The Jolley family met us in the South Falls Day-Use Area, and we set out to explore South Falls and Lower South Falls. The kiddos hadn't hiked the falls before, so it was great to see their reactions :)
With recent rains, the falls were really flowing!
Lots of fun exploring behind the falls:
We had some rock climbers in the group!


It was really wet behind that gusher! Jolleys:
Eryn and me:

After lots of playing behind the falls, we kept going to Lower South Falls:
And his mad dabbing skills:
We took the Maple Ridge Trail to complete the loop, and the group naturally separated into me chasing the middle schoolers up the big hill and the others hanging back with the 6-year-old.

But we all made it back to the car and had grilled cheese and tomato soup for a hot lunch:
The Jolleys had to get back to town, but Eryn and I decided to head back out to do the rest of the Trail of Ten Falls.

Lower North Falls:
Double Falls:

I must have not taken a photo of Drake Falls :(

Middle North Falls:
Middle North Falls - from the other side:
I missed Twin Falls, too :(

North Falls:
Oops :)

Upper North Falls:
Winter Falls:
Darkness was falling as we finished our hike on Rim Trail. Between the two outings, we hiked about 13 miles - on a mostly dry, beautiful day. It was so awesome to get out with friends and see some amazing nature :)

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