Thursday, November 16, 2017

Two Discovery Runs... and maybe the last

One of our favorite monthly activities may be a thing of the past.

Since September 2013, we've been doing the Road Runner Sports Discovery Run, a running scavenger hunt around Tualatin. It's a great way to get a fun workout, bond with other runners, and sometimes win prizes!

The woman who organized for the past couple years left Road Runner in September, and apparently no one remembered to set up the next month's event. (advertising and getting vendors and volunteers and checkpoint sponsors and prizes and such) So the September run was thrown together at the last minute and hosted by a guy from the Seattle store. There were just a few checkpoints and not very many prizes. 

Still, we had fun collecting tickets and crossing our fingers for prizes.
We hit all the spots and only had this many tickets. It was pretty skimpy.
Eryn joined the fun:

I won an ice pack from Therapeutic Associates:
YAY! I stopped by the office later in the month, and they gave me a full-size hot/cold therapy pack - woohoo!!!!

The Seattle host said he'd be back in October for a bigger and better event. So, of course, we had to be there to get some exercise and (hopefully) win some prizes!
The event was not much bigger or better. But, we still had fun... and I won a Stick for massaging muscles!
At the end of the night, the Seattle guy said it might be the last Discovery Run for our town. I sure hope not, but at least we went out with some free stuff :)

We'll sure miss these monthly community runs :(

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