Thursday, October 16, 2008

Homecoming '08

My boss, Sue, collects VWs... including this really cool Bus:

She got this crazy idea that we'd let our CE2 kids paint it up old-school hippie style for this year's THS homecoming parade. She pulled it into the auto shop next door, and several students and staff members transformed it into this:

Dressed and ready to hit the parade route:
Liz, Zac, Lisa, Karianne, David

We got some great looks and comments as we made our way down Durham Road. We had a blast!

When I started at CE2, I suggested that we enter a float in this year's parade. They laughed and said, "Good luck with that!" I showed them :)



  1. ...I had a vee-dubVan just like - the regular, not extra crispy (hip) version.

  2. You didn't paint it all up?? Yeah, my folks had one too, and we never painted it. Too bad ... that would have been pretty cool :)