Saturday, January 31, 2015

Adventure Thursday: spa birthday

Thursday was definitely an adventure, but not the usual kind for me. 

I was invited to spend the evening celebrating the 40th birthday of one of my dear friends. Laura wanted to pamper herself at The Allison Spa, and she wanted us to go with her!

I had a handful of massages after I was rear-ended a couple years ago. They were amazing, but they were in a doctor's office - not exactly a "spa" experience. So this was all new - very foreign and very fancy!

The plan was to get spa services, then spend the evening hanging out together in the lounge. Laura suggested the Sensory Bliss massage, so I booked that one. 
When I arrived, I was given the first-timer tour. I changed into my robe and slippers, then hung out with my book until it was time for my treatment. Out came Theresa and Laura, done with their massages. My turn!

The 30-minute Sensory Bliss concentrated on neck, scalp, shoulders, hands, arms, feet and lower legs. It was very nice - very relaxing! And while I was on the heated table, my robe was hanging on a heated rack - like I said, very fancy!

Soon, all six of us were gathered in the lounge, all relaxed from our services. We ordered dinner and desserts, delivered right to our robed-selves in the lounge.
The food was really good, especially the butterscotch and chocolate desserts!

Time was ticking, and we still hadn't visited the saunas, so we moved the party out of the lounge. It was my first time in both a dry sauna and a steam room. I'm NOT a hot person; I really wilt in hot weather. But it was a fun experience. The steam room caused a few moments of claustrophobia-like panic, but I stayed standing by the door and it became more comfortable. It felt really cleansing to have the condensation and the sweat just pouring off me.

You're allowed to hang out all day, but closing time was near. So we took turns in the showers, dressed in our own clothes and prepared for reentry.

Fully relaxed:
The Allison was amazing! I can't believe all the amenities - they've truly thought of everything.

I'm so glad Laura invited me to share in this special day with her! But more than the spa fun, I am so glad to have Laura in my life! She's a wonderfully funny, sensitive, caring, witty person. She's been a great friend for many years, and I hope to have her in my life for many more. 

Happy 40th, Laura!!! :)

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