Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Jazmin and I laced up our running shoes and hit the trails during fourth period.

Jazmin's a senior in our (CE)2 program. She's about to graduate and decided to it was time to get strong and healthy. She's been running a bit on her own but is having a hard time self motivating. So I asked if she wanted me to run with her sometime and she said yes!
So after I wrapped up my other duties, we changed and then headed to Cook Park for some run/walking.

Jazmin kicked butt! We did 2.75 miles in all - more than she's ever done before! We chatted about running and being healthy and girl stuff and life stuff. I'm so proud of her - and she's so proud of herself - and that's what really matters!!

I hope this is the first of many runs together :)

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