Wednesday, January 21, 2015

No. 5


Brad's been harassing encouraging me to step outside of my comfort zone and read some non-fiction. So I grabbed this Donald Miller from my shelf. I've read several Miller books and enjoyed them, and Through Painted Deserts was no exception.
It's the story of his young self traveling with a new buddy in a VW bus - from his hometown of Houston to Portland. Of course, the bus breaks down a lot, and they have fun adventures. And along the way, he discovers some things about God and his faith.

And he's beside himself when he gets to Oregon and there's a coffee shop on every corner - and it's more than $1! HA! Welcome to Portland.

I really enjoyed the story, especially the Oregon twist. And the VW twist. My folks owned VWs when I was a kid (including a bus), and we took lots of road trips to Southern California. Dad's more mechanical than Donald and his friend, Paul ;)

Donald talks a lot about creation and beauty in nature. Then I rode to work this morning with this view:
Oh, yes!

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