Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Adventure Monday: Horsetail Falls and Oneonta Gorge

Schedules didn't allow for an outing last Thursday, so we did Adventure Monday instead!

Mom joined Dad and me on a little hike at Horsetail Falls in the Gorge. It was refreshingly coolish when we started.
Proud of Mom for checking out the viewpoint, despite a big fear of heights :)
On the loop back to the car, we stopped at Oneonta Gorge. We got started later than planned, so the place was disgustingly crowded. Still, it was fun to crawl over the giant logjam and wade back to the waterfall. Mom decided to stay back and not risk hurting her recovering ankle.
Instead of waiting on the logjam crowd, Dad and I opted to slip into the deep pool and swim under the log and out the short distance. Mom caught our exit on camera:
So fun and refreshing!
Soaking wet but quickly drying:
After three failed attempts to stop at Taco del Mar on the way home, we ended up at Pieology in Tualatin.
Eryn came along for pizza:
A fun adventure! :)

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