Thursday, July 30, 2015


We've had reservations for months to camp at Mount Rainier. And in late July, you'd think the weather would be perfect. Well, you all noticed that weekend rain? We had it up there, too.

We had a great site at Ohanapecosh in Rainier National Park. Luxury!
We went to a ranger talk Friday and Saturday nights, learning about park animals and then the power of the mountain.
Saturday was supposed to be climb day. Brad picked out Tamanos Mountain for our adventure. But it was wet! We weren't prepared with rain gear - plus, what's the point of climbing something if there's no view at the top?

Instead, we checked out the Sunrise Visitors Center and spotted Karen's favorite book:
The clouds broke late in the day, and we did a little 3-mile loop hike near the campground:
Silver Falls was much more impressive than this picture shows:
Sunday was dry when we woke up, so we decided to hit the Owyhigh Lakes Trail and just go to the lakes and not try the summit:
It was a beautiful trail with good incline. But as we approached the meadow at the top, the rain started coming down. The meadow trail narrowed, and we suddenly had soaked feet.
We spotted the lake, snapped a couple pics and headed down to dry land.
In all, we did about 8.5 miles.

While the top was socked in, we saw the saddle and Tamanos Mountain and imagined what the view would be like from the top. We can't wait to go back in a couple weeks to try again!


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