Sunday, July 5, 2015

Molalla Freedom 5K... and a parade!

Saturday was the Molalla Freedom 5K!

So, so hot - even before we started.
About 450 runners in all - most very patriotic:
VFW presenting the colors. And a gal singing the national anthem - really well!
Cowboy running in Wranglers and a GoPro:
We held about a 9-minute mile for the first 2 and then faded a bit. It was SOOOOO hot! Finished together in 28:29 - a 9:11 average. Had a little kick left and picked off a couple people I'd had my eyes on since the parking lot :)

Stretching in the grass:
Dad's first running race since his back surgery - and he did great!
Here comes Mom!
I love this one:
The race started and ended running through this alley of flags. 'Murica!
The hot, sweaty, patriotic crew! (I had my red tutu, too!)
The race was the beginning of the parade, so when we finished, we walked over and watched the parade. It was awesome - everything I'd want in a small-town Fourth of July parade. I was all smile :)

Riding longhorn steers??
Cowgirl drill team:
Patriotic poop pumper:
Former Tigard High School band director Frank Chin:
John Deere!
"Dad is a dentist and made me wear this toothpaste-tube costume in front of the whole town..."
MHS band:
Clowns for Christ:
Love her!
Patriotic garbage!
Yep - that's a patriotic stump grinder float...
The Mexican-American horse riders and dancers were my favorite:
I cannot tell you how happy all this made me! This race was terrific - and it was a great reminder why I love running. Despite the horrible heat, there were people out there having a blast, working hard, finishing their very first races, sporting their red-white-and-blues. And then this fabulous parade! So great :)

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