Monday, July 27, 2015

Atlanta Adventure Run - prizes all around!

The fam has started a tradition of running a race while on vacation. Unfortunately, we found races the weekend before and the weekend after we were in Florida. But - Atlanta has a Road Runner Sports store and was holding their Adventure Run when we were in town! That's even better because it's free :)
Our trusty GPS took us straight to the store, where we changed in the back seat of our rental car. Since we had no idea where we were, we planned to rely on the Google maps they e-mail at the start of the scavenger hunt.

Unfortunately, there was a hiccup in the Google world, and none of us got our maps until after the event. So we basically just faked it, following some local runners and getting as much as we could.

Mom ended up walking with a big family/friend group while Eryn, Dad and I did some run/walking on our own. It was going well until Dad got hit by a car!!!

This lady did the class thing of looking left as she approached an intersection. Dad was coming from her right and went with the walk signal. She moved forward without looking right and hit his hand. Fortunately, it was just his hand.
We did get her license plate in case something came up later. She was very unapologetic and kept saying, "I didn't see him." - but as an excuse, not an apology. I repeatedly told her it didn't matter if she saw him or not - she still hit him! Idiot!

With that excitement behind us, we raced back to the store to divide up our tickets. This store's event is much different from the Tualatin store. It was very orderly and precise and timely. There was no waiting around for stragglers. There was no repeating the numbers. They were all business. Plus - the beer wasn't free! That would not have gone over well in Tualatin!

For being completely lost, we did fairly well:
I won a raffle prize!!! I got a big bag of groceries from Trader Joe's:
It was full of all kinds of snacks and treats and yummy food - and some sunscreen. I bet it was at least $50 worth of stuff.
The rest of the fam caught things the employees were tossing to the crowd:

Because Atlanta has a large black population, it was really great to see so many participating in what's really a white sport. I've read articles about Black Men Run and other organizations to get people out and healthy. It was terrific to see them represented.
A good, sweaty time was had by all!

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