Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Exploring Phoenix, protesting Trump

OK, I know that I'm the worst blogger ever. Fortunately, I mostly do it as a diary for myself so I remember my life :)

Remember when I ran that marathon in Phoenix in February? The next day, we did a little sightseeing before our afternoon flight.

Our good friend, Sean, lives in Phoenix and suggested we check out South Mountain Park.
We drove up and up and up to a hilltop far above the city.
I was completely exhausted (I wonder why?!?) and had zero energy or leg muscles to hike around the many trails. Next time.

After, we drove to the statehouse just to check it out. And we stumbled on an anti-Trump/anti-deportation rally!!!! Of course, we parked and joined in!

After the rally, a short parade around the grounds:
I was so proud of these young people who shared their stories and were out fighting for their beliefs! I'm also thrilled that we could join in their fight!

Cactus selfie:
Next door was a neat mining museum. We read some plaques and climbed in the massive scoop!
A good day to end our brief Phoenix adventure :)

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