Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Disneyland getaway: Day 2

Good morning, Disneyland! (Day 1)
My morning Mickey fix :)

Waiting for the rope drop:

Then we went straight for the Fantasyland rides!
King Arthur Carrousel:

Storybook Land Canal Boats:

Matterhorn Bobsleds:

Carnation Cafe:
Star Wars: Path of the Jedi:
Disneyland Monorail:
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad:
Mark Twain Riverboat:
A must :)
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh:
Disneyland Railroad:
Tarzan's Treehouse:
Enchanted Tiki Room:
Hmm.... Fantasyland... can't remember which:
Hyperspace Mountain:
Eryn was asleep:
My favorite Disney photo:
Walt Disney's Dream:
Remember, this was the weekend before the inauguration of 45. We tried to keep politics out of the weekend, but Great Moments by Mr. Lincoln left me in tears, mourning for our country. And then we saw this man's portrait in the lobby:
And then this man:
It's a Small World:
Pirates of the Caribbean: 
That was it for Day 2.

Because I knew there was still snow on the ground at home, I couldn't pass up the chance to run in the sun. We had a morning flight, so Day 3 called for an early wake up and some miles around the parks.

I stopped to gawk at the construction:
Much different view than at home:
Outside the hotel:
Shorts and T-shirts!
What a nice little break from reality :)

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  1. You guys have no shy bones about going at life with gusto! Thanks for sharing a bit of your time in the magical kingdom.