Friday, May 12, 2017

Willamette Mission Trail Challenge (4/29/17)

OMG - I'm almost caught up on my race reports! Except I have ANOTHER race tomorrow.... I just need to stop doing fun stuff :)

Last year, I ran the Willamette Mission Trail Challenge with Lindsey and had a blast getting muddy and sweaty. This year, Dad joined me for the super-cheap, no-frills race outside Keizer.

Earlier in the week, the Willamette River overflowed its banks, almost forcing organizers to cancel. But at the last minute, they rerouted the course so the show could go on! The 10K was now a 5.5-mile double loop - not my favorite, but I was glad they didn't cancel.

The whole event was moved, as the parking area was also flooded. Still, they made the most of it, parking us along the road a short walk from the start/finish line. Bib pickup was quick and easy, and soon we were ready to run!

The "5K" and "10K" started at the same time, heading around the parking lot loop, down the road and finally onto a dirt trail. These higher trails were in good condition, and I was hardly dirty by the end. Bummer! :)

This race came at the end of a long week, and my legs just weren't up for running fast. I struggled to maintain speed in the second loop and just finish. In the final stretch, the course went past the finish line, looped down the road and back up the field before looping around the parking lot one more time to the end:
LOVE 99-cent downloads :)
This was the little hill right before the finish.

I was disappointed to poop out so much toward the end. But I still managed to finish 5.33 miles in 49:58, a 9:22 average.

Dad did his slow run the whole race and finished first in his age group!
1st-place medal!!!
Father/daughter trail running :)
Oh, and he won a raffle prize, too - free socks! AND... he snagged a pair thrown into the crowd, too :)
First place and a prize = happy dad :)

My time was good for 5/8 in females 40-44 and 70/103 overall.

Organizers did great at adjusting and going with the flow so we could have a fun event! :)

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