Sunday, August 6, 2017

Consolation beach trip

Eryn and I had a week-long road trip planned for our summer break, but a few things forced us to cancel at the last minute. It ended up being good because we were home with family in my grandfather's final week

We kept our final camping reservation for Friday night at Cape Lookout, hoping life would calm down enough to allow at little fun.

We drove out Highway 26, stopping to see some mountains on the way:
We played tour guide, identifying the distant mountains for others stopped at the viewpoint. 
We stopped at Camp 18 for a late breakfast, opting to share the cinnamon roll - and eggs for protein. It was HUGE!
Had to stop at all the viewpoints! Tillmook Rock Lighthouse - lots of family history there:
Arcadia State Park:
Hug Point:

We finally reached Cape Lookout and set up camp. Brad rode his motorcycle and met us there.
After a little rest in the new giant tent, Brad and I hiked down to the south beach:
Saturday, the three of us hiked to the end of the cape.
Then Eryn took the car back to camp while Brad and I hiked back to the campground:
It was checkout time, so we packed up quickly and headed to the day-use area for some lunch for Brad before he hit the road on his bike.

Eryn and I kept exploring, stopping for our own lunch at the Van Duzer rest area. We popped the back of the car and cooked chili dogs on the "Minnie Winnie". The setup, that Brad designed and built last summer, is SO AWESOME! This picture does not do it justice:
It was disappointing to miss our vacation, but this little getaway sure was nice :)

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