Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Yaquina Head (8/2/17)

Remember back when it was 104+ degrees in the Portland area? Mom, Eryn and I decided to escape the heat (a little bit) and spend the day at the coast.

Our adventure started with a drive down I-5 to Corvallis. We cut over on Highway 20 and made a stop to check out the waterfront park in Toledo. By the time we made it to Newport, it was time for FOOD! 

Newport Cafe looked cute, and we enjoyed a yummy feast of fish and chips, chowder, shrimp melt and fish tacos:
The food was great! And we bumped in to friends Kim and Tony from kickboxing class!

We said we'd be back, but we later learned that the owner's been accused of buying illegal seafood. Boo. Probably won't be back.

Next was a trip to Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area:

Kim and Tony warned us of whales playing off the coast, and boy, did we see them!
We stood for a long time just watching several gray whales hanging out off the head. It was super cool!

After checking out the lighthouse, we hiked the short trail up Salal Hill:

We continued up the coast, stopping at more lookouts:

Then, because we were avoiding returning to HOT, HOT home, we made more stops - just because.

Lafayette Locks County Park:

And dinner at Red Hills Market in Dundee. YUMMMMMM!!!
It was a fun day getting away and exploring new spots :)

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