Monday, August 14, 2017

Foggy Lake photos and summit video

Here are some photos from Brad's camera from our Gothic Peak / Del Campo Peak climbing trip :)
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The approach:

Foggy Lake from our campsite:

Home for a couple days:
The saddle between Gothic and Del Campo peaks:

Gothic Peak on the left:
Climbing Gothic Peak. Frozen Foggy Lake in the background:

Surrounded by mountains!
Del Campo Peak across the way:
Mount Rainier:

You can barely make out our yellowish tent on the rocks right in the middle of the photo - just above the lake between two snow patches:

In the moat:
Should have stayed up on the slab:

Not sure what that peak is:
Video from the summit!

Del Campo:

Summit log:
The descent - that's where we just were!

Now heading up Del Campo:
Similar view:

Gothic Peak across the way:
The snowfield below Del Campo summit block:

Ice ax and trekking pole - three points of contact :)

Mount Baker from the summit:
Little Foggy Lake 1,400 feet below:

The descent - a little lake at the Del Campo saddle:

This was an amazing, challenging, beautiful trip! I'm so glad we were able to squeeze it in to our summer :)

Climb reports: Gothic and Del Campo

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