Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Holiday 5K (12/14/14)

My second Christmas-themed race of 2014 was Sunday's Holiday 5K in north Portland.

We've done this event several years now, both the 5K and the half marathon. Because I'm still recovering from my Achilles injury (I hope to be released at my next PT appointment!!!), I wasn't up for the half. So I decided to run the 5K with Eryn this year - in matching tutus, of course!

Brad's had a couple horribly stressful weeks at work and decided at the last minute to skip this race in favor of sleep. So I got up alone, long before dawn, to prepare my festive race outfit. Ready!
Fortunately, my fam was also doing the 5K, so I hitched a ride with them.

Dad's outfit kills me! (and also demonstrates where Eryn and I get our short legs!)
Racing sisters!
We passed Mom on the out and back, and she-who-is-never-without-her-iPhone snapped an action shot. What a beautiful morning!
Happy racers! Don't I have a fun family??
Dad thought he was a Christmas present:
I really wish Brad could have joined us, but sometimes taking care of the basic needs comes first. We're already looking forward to a January redemption race :)

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