Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holiday party

I carved out some time last week to bake with my students. We made treats all week, saving them for Friday's holiday party before winter break.

First up, peppermint bark with Taylor and Madison:
Stephany, Alex and Kennedy made green sugar cookies:
Leslie, Alyssa and Bryan did some green banana bread - with marshmallows because, why not?!
Then Tony brought out the Santa hats - one for everyone!
Alonzo, Reza, Sean, Sydney, Monique, Kennedy, Sue and Jazmin:
James wasn't feelin' it:
Friday finally arrived, and we presented our goodies - Bre with muddy buddies, Alonzo with Germna chocolate bars and Kelsie with fudge:
And the cookie/banana bread crew:
I love spending time in the kitchen with my CE2 peeps - especially when we share our yummies with our friends! :)

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