Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Two turkey dinners

After burning a few calories on our Thanksgiving-morning run, it was time to replace those calories with two turkey dinners.

The first was with Brad's family at Friendsview in Newberg. The food is always excellent, and Thanksgiving was no exception! There was a beautiful vegetarian entree, but I opted to eat my weight in salmon spread instead. (There was a second plate that only held salmon spread) YUM!!!!!!!
The crew: Liz, Brad, Grandma Wood, Aunt Louise, Steve, Donna, Uncle Dick:
A couple hours later, my family gathered at Eryn's house for dinner No. 2:
Also so very yummy!

The other crew: Grandpa, Dad, Mom, Pa, Ma, Brad, Eryn, Liz:
I hope your Thanksgiving was also full of family, friends and good food :)

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