Monday, December 29, 2014

Toy drive

Before Christmas, Mom, Eryn and I set out for our annual toy-shopping adventure.

We went to Bi-Mart in Beaverton where our favorite Tigard checker now works. And we loaded up cart after cart of toys to donate. We should have taken two cars! Luckily, Eryn and I didn't mind squeezing together for the first load:
We drove to the nearby Canyon TVFR fire station, but just as the firefighters were answering the door, the alarm went off and they were whisked away. They told us to just pile the toys in the lobby - so we did:
We thought it was really funny to be in the fire station all alone. (though we couldn't get past the lobby) The empty office:
We returned to Bi-Mart for the second load, and since we knew the firefighters were out, we took these to the Progress station on the way home:
Those firefighters were mid-workout and were happy to help unload. As we were leaving, one of them yelled, "SPRINTS!", and they all took off running up the road! We were so amused by the whole experience.

The people at Bi-Mart were so helpful and positive, making it even more fun. We always choose Bi-Mart because that way our money does double good by staying in the local, employee-owned store. YAY! :)

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