Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Buddies make it better

Last weekend's workouts were a mixed bag.

Because of the rain, Brad and I waited until Saturday afternoon to hit the road. It was really warm and sticky, and I immediately regretted wearing my new rain jacket.
We went together to Tualatin Park - 5 miles in all.
I felt super tired during the whole run - like "lead legs" for my whole body. I didn't really have an explanation, then I realized I'd done a lot of miles the previous week. I think I was just pooped.

When the weather is less than amazing, and it's hard to get motivated to get outside and go for a run, it's really nice to have other people counting on you.

Sunday, while I would have preferred to curl up at home with a book and a fire, Mom was waiting for me to go with her to run the esplanade in downtown Portland. Brad didn't want to miss out on the fun, so he joined us.
The Steel-to-Hawthorne loop is about 2.5 miles. Mom walked it once (plus a side trip to OMSI and back) while Brad and I ran two loops. We finished at the same time - perfect!

While the area is a little sketchy with street people, there are always a ton of other people around, and it never feels unsafe. Many other runners do multiple loops, and it's always fun to pass the same people over and over!

I also like it because I can work out with other people who run/walk at different paces. We all just do a different number of loops.

Anyway... the threatening rain materialized on the drive home, and it was warm enough for shorts and a T-shirt (though a little gusty).

Brad and I did 5.14 miles at a brisker-than-we-should-have-run pace. After Saturday's less-than-stellar workout, it felt good to push. (I'm on hyphen overdrive!!) My legs were tired (lots of lactic acid), but I didn't have that overall fatigue I felt Saturday.

Thanks to my workout buddies for keeping me on track :)

So far this week, I've already done spin with Jazmin and kickboxing with Brad. And Jazmin and I are hitting the park again after school today!

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