Monday, February 9, 2015

No. 7

First I read it, then I saw the movie. The book was better. (big surprise)

My parents gave me Cheryl Strayed's Wild for Christmas - another in a big pile of non-fiction to get me out of my comfortable little box. But I'm interested in this story, so I dug in. No. 7:
I really liked this book for several reasons. First, I'm an outdoorsy person and I've been on sections of the PCT. Parts are in my own proverbial back yard. She described places I've been, trails I've hiked and mountains I've climbed.

I loved hearing about all the gear she took and the clothes she wore and the lack of preparedness and everything. This woman had no business being on that trail.

I loved how her back story was woven throughout the book, explaining why she was where she was, emotionally, physically, etc. I cried when they put down the horse. Powerful stuff.

Several people told me after the fact that they didn't like her "whiny" voice. Well, her life really sucked for a while, and I think she earned that whine. I thought it was real and raw.

As soon as I finished, I made plans to go see the film adaptation - Friday date night with Brad:
I think if I hadn't read the book first, the movie would have been good. But knowing the story ahead, I think it was just "OK".
They changed a lot of things - minor things but also things that I thought mattered - like her money problems and what really happened when they killed the horse. They left out big parts of her journey - her friends, Timberline lodge. Also, they filmed some "California" scenes in well-known, easy-to-identify places in Oregon, like Smith Rock State Park - a world-renown rock-climbing destination. It was funny to play "spot the places we've been that aren't really on the PCT" :)

Anyway... good book, OK movie. Maybe see the movie first and then let the book explain the rest.


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