Friday, February 6, 2015

Weekend workouts

Man, this has been a week! I've had a never-ending to-do list all week, including a nearly 12-hour work meeting Wednesday. So I'm behind and just found my pics from LAST weekend's fun workouts:

Brad and I did our long run together Saturday - a rare treat. He's doing a training program that calls for him to run extra slow, and I've been over training, running faster than I should. SO... it balances out and we are at about the same pace right now :)
It was very cold Saturday morning, so we waited until the warm, spring-like afternoon to do our big, 10-mile loop. It was a really nice, strong run for both of us. Look at the yellow reflecting off my high-vis shirt!
Sunday, we wanted to burn a few extra calories before we sat down for the gluttonous Super Bowl party. So Dad, Brad and I went to Tryon for some running and hiking.
It was cooler and cloudier than the previous day, but still a wonderful day to be outside!
I love clouds!
Overall, a great weekend for working out. Too bad my Seahawks gave away the big game. Oh well, maybe next year :)

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