Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New trick

I don't think I've formally introduced you to Gizmo, our 10-month-old kitten. She's fairly full-sized by now, but she's still a kitten on the inside. ZOOM, ZOOM!! (We have very few pics because she rarely stops moving)

After losing our beloved Linus a couple years ago and then easing back into cat ownership by fostering a friend's kitty, we decided it might be time to get another one.

Both sure we wanted a rescue, we started looking at local shelters. Several weeks of looking for a large, female, adult cat that captured (both) our hearts turned up nothing. Maybe it wasn't time for another cat.

Then Brad spotted a 6-month-old kitten in the "older" kitten area at the Oregon Humane Society. Even though neither of us wanted a kitten, Brad decided we should meet her. I think she was somehow speaking to him.

We met in the little private room, and Brad decided she was the one. It was too near closing time to adopt her then, so we thought it over and went back another day. Brad convinced me by saying, "Let's get a kitten... it will be FUN!"

Well, it's been lots of "fun"! She's CRAZY! She's super snugly - except when she's literally running full speed into walls. WOW!

Remember when Gizmo locked herself in Brad's office at 3 a.m.?? That was "fun". :)

Sunday night, she learned a new trick. Brad and I were in his office when the cat decided to get inside a reusable grocery bag. It was just like all those crazy YouTube videos of cats diving into boxes and such. HILARIOUS!

I was on the computer Monday morning when she started at it again. My camera was right there, so I snapped a couple pics:
And as I'm posting this Tuesday morning, she's at it again!

Gizmo is so funny! And as much of a challenge it is to have a kitten, she's really great - and fitting in well with the family :)

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