Friday, September 25, 2015

Free shoes!

Last night was the September Discovery Run, a free scavenger hunt/raffle at our Tualatin Road Runner Sports store. Brad and I were able to hit all the spots in the allotted hour and ended up with a ton of tickets!

And then my number was called for one of the most-coveted prizes... FREE SHOES!!!
ASICS was the night's shoe sponsor, and I had demoed a pair of 2000s. I was just telling Brad how much I liked them and thought I should try some. And then I won a certificate for a free pair - for up to $160!

We most often win at least something within our group. The night is fun even without a prize, but free stuff makes it even better!

Brad's boss and co-worker were also at the run, for their first time ever, and it was really fun to see them on the course and then see Jim also win a prize! Congrats to the newbies :)

Each month, if you buy something at Road Runner the night of the event, you're entered into the exclusive in-store raffle, worth about $500. I needed new custom insoles and waited until last night to buy them, along with socks for Brad, for a grand total of seven tickets - one ticket for every $10 spent.

At the end of the evening, they read the numbers for the in-store raffle. I scanned up my list of tickets, my numbers getting closer and closer to the one they had just called. I almost peed myself with excitement... until I realized I was ONE number off. It was the person RIGHT in front of me. SOOOO CLOSE!

Looking forward to the October zombie run, the last one of this season. Anyone wanna join us? Walkers welcome, too :)

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